Arching to the City: Other Boca Players Who Played for the Citizens

Arching to the City: Other Boca Players Who Played for the Citizens

Any football player would be tempted to play for Manchester City under Pep Guardiola, and Valentn Barco is no different. One of Boca’s top players, a vital part of the squad that advanced to the Libertadores quarterfinals, is about to join the defending Supercopa de Europa champions. If the deal is approved, he won’t be the first player to wear both the British team’s sky blue and the blue and gold of Boca Juniors.

Arching to the City: Other Boca Players Who Played for the Citizens

Carlos Tevez and Wilfredo Caballero were the prior Boca players who played for the Citizens, in terms of both chronological sequence and prominence. Unless the former Vélez player is loaned to Las Palmas in the coming hours, Barco will undoubtedly play alongside Julián Alvarez and Máximo Perrone.

Carlitos, at 25 years old, made a significant transfer from Manchester United to Manchester City after a contentious exit from their bitter rivals. He participated in 148 games over four seasons (2009 to 2013), scored 73 goals, and won three championships, including the 2011–12 Premier League. He left because of a disagreement with Roberto Mancini.

Willy at City: In 2014, 33-year-old Caballero joined the City team and spent three seasons there. He participated in 48 games during this time, giving up 55 goals. He also enjoyed his 2016 League Cup victory.

Moving Forward, Colorado: Boca Juniors turned down Brighton’s original offer of $9,000,000 for 85% of the player’s rights. They were eager to learn what Manchester City had to offer, though. On Wednesday, City offered a better deal that also gave the player the option of staying for the Libertadores. However, it appears that the Boca management is unwilling to permit him to leave for a sum less than the $14 million protection clause.

According to insiders who spoke with Olé, “They are the strongest club and they have it all, but it’s not done yet; Román’s approval is still pending.” “If not, they are prepared to take him and pay the release clause. However, we must wait since there is still more to come. But his participation in the quarterfinals is assured. He commits to City and remains.

It seems obvious that Barco will leave. He will eventually depart. He will be qualified to sign a pre-contract with any other club in a year, much like Cristian Pavón and Agustn Almendra were. Additionally, he might be eligible to become a free agent in 18 months. So it appears improbable that anything will happen before December of this year. The Bombonera, the supporters, and his colleagues are all hope he stays to compete for the seventh title in the meanwhile.

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