Dare County on Alert: Tropical Storm Warning and Storm Surge Watch in Effect

Dare County on Alert: Tropical Storm Warning and Storm Surge Watch in Effect


Dare County’s serene coastline, which is renowned for its beauty and charm, is currently preparing for the arrival of a possible tropical cyclone. A Tropical Storm Warning and a Storm Surge Watch have been issued by the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, warning locals and tourists to get ready for what could be a difficult few days. In order to keep everyone safe and informed, we’ll go into great detail about this weather alert in this blog.

Potential Tropical Cyclone 16 is a tropical storm approaching.

Our main cause of worry is a building area of low pressure off the coast of the United States’ southeast, which is now designated as “Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen.” This system, which has a chance of developing into Tropical Storm Ophelia, is anticipated to start making its presence felt in Dare County on September 22, 2023, and last through the weekend.

Understanding the Warnings: Storm Surge Watch and Tropical Storm Warning

Let’s examine what these cautions actually mean:

This is a warning sign for a tropical storm that will probably make landfall in Dare County in the next 36 hours or less. These circumstances include sustained winds with speeds between 39 and 73 mph, which can present a number of difficulties.

Storm Surge Watch: This watch is equally important because it warns of the potential for a 48-hour period of potentially life-threatening flooding. Storm surge severity and locations are influenced by wind speed and direction.

Impact Prediction: What to Expect

The following effects should be anticipated by locals and guests:

Dangerous Surf and Rip Currents: Starting on Thursday, dangerous beach conditions will be caused by strong surf with waves reaching 7 to 10 feet.

2-4 feet of above-ground storm surge inundation may occur in regions near the ocean and the sound. For time information, be mindful of the direction and strength of the wind where you are.

Strong Winds: Starting on Friday, winds are expected to reach a peak speed of 45–55 mph with gusts as high as 70 mph. To keep loose items from becoming projectiles, secure them.

Expect 3 to 6 inches of precipitation, with the possibility of flash floods and standing water on highways. Be careful, especially when moving around.

Tornado Activity: Be on the lookout for potential tornadoes. Make sure you have several ways to get weather alerts, especially late at night.

Highway and Road Impact: Ocean overwash and flooding may have an impact on N.C. Highway 12 and side roads. Take safety measures to safeguard your vehicles and property.

Dare County on Alert: Tropical Storm Warning and Storm Surge Watch in Effect

Protecting lives and property first, safety

Safety is a priority for Dare County Emergency Management. Due to the dangerous conditions, use extra caution when visiting beaches and refrain from swimming in the ocean. If you live in an oceanfront home that is at risk, you might want to move somewhere safer.

Remain informed and ready.

Visit the website of the National Weather Service in Newport/Morehead City, North Carolina, to be informed of the most recent events. Keep an eye out for weather alerts and be prepared to take action to protect your family, your home, and yourself.

Our best allies against nature’s unpredictable behavior are community knowledge and preparation. Together, let’s weather this storm as a community with prudence, fortitude, and consideration for one another.

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