Exploring the Enchantment: A Guide to Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum

Exploring the Enchantment: A Guide to Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum


For Studio Ghibli devotees, entering Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum is like entering a dream. This fantastical location honors the craftsmanship and imagination that went into some of the most adored animated movies ever made. We’ll take you on a tour of the fascinating Ghibli Museum in this guide, offering advice and insights to help you get the most out of your time there.

How to Get There
The Tokyo suburb of Mitaka is where the Ghibli Museum is situated. The following is how to get there:

By train: travel to Mitaka Station on the JR Chuo Line. The museum can be reached by foot about 15 minutes from there. If you follow the directions, you’ll get there after a wonderful stroll through Inokashira Park.

By Bus: You can also travel to the museum by bus from Mitaka Station. Seek out the Ghibli-themed bus, which ups the adventure factor of your trip.

Ghibli Museum tickets are in high demand and must be reserved in advance. What you need to know is as follows:

Purchase in advance: Museum admission is not available on-site. Purchase them well in advance of your intended visit on the official Ghibli Museum website or from approved ticket dealers.

A specific entry time will be printed on your ticket. Arrive a little earlier to appreciate the park and the area around the museum.

Identification Requirement: Make sure the name on your ticket and your ID match because you can be requested for identification upon arrival.

The Inside Magic
When you enter the elegant museum doors, you’ll be welcomed with a magical world:

The building’s architecture is a masterpiece that could have been taken from out of a Ghibli movie. Spend some time admiring the intricate elements, such as the spiral staircases and stained glass windows.

The exclusive short films that are shown at the Saturn Theater shouldn’t be missed. These movies are exclusive to the museum and provide a close-up, engaging experience.

The Cat Bus: The life-sized Cat Bus that is on display will excite “My Neighbor Totoro” fans. Even kids can climb inside!

The Straw Hat Café: Refresh and unwind in the eatery, which serves snacks and meals with Ghibli themes. Visitor favorites include the Totoro cream puffs, so give them a try.

Visit the rooftop garden to see the recognizable Robot from “Laputa: Castle in the Sky.” It’s a serene location with breathtaking views of the nearby park.

Exploring the Enchantment: A Guide to Tokyo's Ghibli Museum

Investigating the Art

It’s not simply fun to watch the movies at the Ghibli Museum; you can also learn about the creativity that went into making them.

Animation displays: Discover the animation process by viewing displays that feature original storyboards, drawings, and the painstakingly hand-drawn imagery that gives Ghibli films their life.

Interactive seminars: Be on the lookout for unique seminars and events where you may practice animation methods firsthand.

Gift store: Be sure to stop by the museum’s gift store before you leave to find special Ghibli items and one-of-a-kind mementos.

Observe the Laws
Keep the following in mind while you explore the Ghibli Museum:

No Photography: In general, it’s not permitted to take photos or record videos inside museums. Outside, there are places where you are allowed to shoot photos.

Maintain a calm and organized atmosphere to protect the museum’s tranquility and charm.

A trip to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo is a journey into a magical, imaginative, and artistic world. This museum delivers an extraordinary experience that honors the brilliance of Hayao Miyazaki and his crew, whether you’re a die-hard fan of Studio Ghibli or simply admire the art of animation. With the help of this book, you’ll be well-equipped to set out on your own adventure and uncover the enchantment that the Ghibli Museum has in store for you. Enjoy your time here!

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