Florida AG fires off warning shot to DOJ if ‘unfounded’ decision to probe migrant transports is pursued

Florida AG fires off warning shot to DOJ if ‘unfounded’ decision to probe migrant transports is pursued


According to an exclusive revelation, Florida’s attorney general, Ashley Moody, has severely cautioned attorney general Merrick Garland from taking any unauthorized steps to look into Florida’s policies regarding the transportation of migrants. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, had pushed the DOJ to launch an investigation prior to this.

Attorney General Moody objected to bailing out California and to launching inquiries or lawsuits with political overtones in a letter acquired by Fox News Digital. She did, however, make it plain that Florida would be ready to contest the DOJ’s overreach if it were to decide in an unethical and illogical manner to move on with the inquiry.

Governor Newsom, joined by California Attorney General Rob Bonta and Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, wrote to Attorney General Garland on July 6, raising concerns about Florida’s “unauthorized alien transport program,” which reportedly transports migrants to designated sanctuary jurisdictions across the United States.

The in question migrant transport program has made it easier to transport migrants to California’s Martha’s Vineyard and Massachusetts’ Martha’s Vineyard. Through legislation that Governor Ron DeSantis put into law early this year, this program has gotten increased financing. It is one of several related programs that Republican-led states have put into place in response to the ongoing border problem.

According to Governor Newsom, this particular system differs from the customary method used by governments and NGOs to facilitate domestic travel. The letter cites news articles that claim bogus promises of job and lodging tricked migrants into boarding planes.

Governor Newsom requests in the letter that federal criminal and civil investigations into these instances be opened by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Such investigations would look into the purported misleading activities and make sure that the proper legal action is taken.

Governor Newsom vehemently condemned the practice of exploiting individuals as political pawns and enticing them to leave California by making false or misleading claims. He suggested an inquiry into possible federal law violations by persons participating in this scam by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

Additionally, Rob Bonta, the attorney general of California, charged Florida with “state-sanctioned kidnapping,” implying that the migrant transit scheme entailed illegal activity.

Attorney General Moody claims in her letter that there is no justification for the DOJ to look into Florida. She restates the state’s claims that the relocation scheme is voluntary and that contractors were on hand to make sure that migrants arrived at non-governmental groups in a secure manner. According to the Florida Attorney General, the program follows the law.

California’s effort, according to Attorney General Moody, is only a “political stunt” and not a valid legal request. She implies that Governor Ron DeSantis’ future presidential run and his perceived capacity to challenge Vice President Biden may be what’s motivating California’s request for a probe, suggesting that their request is motivated by political scheming.

According to Moody, California is attempting to abuse the Department of Justice (DOJ) in violation of the DOJ’s own pledge to refrain from such actions. In a statement, she scorns California’s request, calling it a “ridiculous political stunt” that has no legal foundation and no legitimacy.

Florida’s voluntary immigration relocation program, according to Attorney General Moody, is fully legal, and she blames California for failing to cite any particular instances of federal law violations in their request. She finds it remarkable that California, which has a team of attorneys on staff who are highly skilled in their fields and has brought multiple legal actions against the current government, has not been able to offer even a basic legal foundation for their request.

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This disagreement between California and Florida is a component of a larger, continuing conflict over immigration between states with Republican and Democrat governors. Republican states like Florida and Texas blame the Biden administration’s actions for the current border problem. They have responded by moving migrants to areas with alleged “sanctuary policies,” which they claim encourage migration to the border. Republican and Democrat-led states have different views on immigration and border security, which are reflected in the conflict between the two states.

Asserting that they had previously criticized the previous administration’s work in this area, Governor DeSantis blasted the Biden administration’s approach to border security. He emphasized their stance’s inconsistency and questioned their response when confronted with the results of their own initiatives.

On the other hand, Attorney General Moody has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration and won a key success when a judge disallowed several migrant parole release rules. This included a measure that, as a result of overpopulation, saw migrants discharged into the United States without court dates.

The request for additional legal action presents Moody with an opportunity to highlight the Biden administration’s alleged carelessness in addressing immigration-related issues. She contends that it will reveal their inability to uphold their immigration obligations and the dangers they have caused to the nation and its residents.

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