Lawsuits Target GOP Presidential Contender Ramaswamy for Alleged Strive’s Practices

Lawsuits Target GOP Presidential Contender Ramaswamy for Alleged Strive’s Practices

A lawsuit has been filed against GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy over the practices of his company, Strive Health. The lawsuit alleges that Strive Health engaged in misleading marketing and fraudulent practices related to its medical services. This legal action could potentially impact Ramaswamy’s political aspirations as he seeks the Republican nomination for the presidential election.

Lawsuits Target GOP Presidential Contender Ramaswamy for Alleged Strive's Practices

Vivek Ramaswamy’s ascent in presidential polls has been attributed in part to his notable business achievements. Prior to entering the race for the Republican nomination, where he currently stands in third place according to polling averages, Ramaswamy established and led a drug development company, Roivant, which he took public in 2021. Subsequently, he founded an asset management firm named Strive, positioning it as a conservative alternative to the ESG movement’s emphasis on the environmental, social, and governance implications of investments. Strive’s slogan, in contrast to ESG, is “invest in excellence.”

However, the positive image of Ramaswamy’s business ventures has been challenged by recent lawsuits. Two former employees have filed legal cases against Strive Asset Management, as well as against Ramaswamy and his co-founder Anson Frericks. These lawsuits allege that the practices within the company were not in line with its proclaimed excellence. The accusers claim that Ramaswamy and Frericks pressured employees to engage in violations of securities law and mistreated staff. Additionally, they suggest that Strive struggled to achieve ambitious growth targets for its investments that were positioned as an alternative to ESG principles.

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