Sport sofre derrota para o Atlético-GO e mantém desempenho preocupante como visitante na Série B

Sport sofre derrota para o Atlético-GO e mantém desempenho preocupante como visitante na Série B

Sport loses for Atlético-GO and maintains a poor reputation as a visitor in Série B.

In a match marked by all goals occurring in the first half, Sport was defeated by Atlético-GO 3 to 1 on Saturday night. This defeat highlights the poor performance of the Pernambucan team as a visitor in the competition and is the third time the Leo has lost away from home in Série B.Sport sofre derrota para o Atlético-GO e mantém desempenho preocupante como visitante na Série B

Despite having three games without a victory, Sport is still in third place with 32 points. However, Novorizontino, who has a chance to surpass him on the upcoming Sunday (16), could jeopardize his position on the standings.

Sport returns to Ilha do Retiro in search of victory over Vitória.

The Sport is getting ready for a crucial home game against Vitória, who is now in fifth place overall in the Série B standings, on the upcoming Thursday, September 19. The game is scheduled to start at 21:30. While everything is going on, Atlético-GO will face Mirassol as a challenger in an effort to climb even higher in the classification.

Regarding the previous game, the Atlético-GO opened the scoring at home within of two minutes thanks to former Sport player Gustavo Coutinho, who scored after an escanteio cobrança. However, O Leo was able to quickly tie the game thanks to a goal from Edinho, who attempted to cross the ball but instead managed to put it in the opponent’s goal. Despite the tie, the opening period foi dominado pelo Atlético-GO.

The Sport made a substitution in the second half, putting the argentine midfielder Alan Ruiz on the field. The debutant forced a strong deflection from Ronaldo early in the game. Nevertheless, despite spending more time attacking, this was the only genuine opportunity Sport had during the first half of the second period.

For his part, Atlético-GO displayed good defensive organization and was on the lookout for opportunities to counterattack. The Sport’s situation became much more complicated after the recently-entered flyer who committed a serious foul on Matheus Sales was expelled. Sport maintained ball possession with one fewer player, but ran into much more difficulties to overcome the mandant’s defense.

Atlético-GO managed to maintain the lead over Sport until the referee’s final whistle at the Antônio Aciolly Stadium. This defeat maintains Sport’s poor performance as a visitor in Série B and places the team in a more precarious position on the table.

Atlético/GO 3
Ronaldo; Rodrigo Soares (Emerson Santos), Alix Vinícius, Heron e Jefferson; Matheus Sales, Rhaldney e Shaylon (David Braga); Bruno Tubarão (Léo Pereira), Luiz Fernando (Daniel) e Gustavo Coutinho (Kelvin). Técnico: Anderson Gomes.
Sport 1
Renan; Ewerthon, Rafael Thyere, Sabino e Igor Cariús; Ronaldo Henrique (Ítalo), Fábio Matheus e Lucas André (Alan Ruiz); Edinho (Labandeira), Vagner Love (Pedro Martins) e Luciano Juba (Felipinho). Técnico: Enderson Moreira.
Estádio: Antônio Accioly (Goiânia/GO)
Horário: 21h30
Árbitro: João Vitor Gobi (SP)
Assistentes: Evandro de Melo Lima e Evandro de Melo Lima (ambos de SP)
VAR: Evandro de Melo Lima (SP)
Cartões amarelos: Alix Vinicius e Bruno Tubarão (A);
Cartão vermelho: Ítalo (S)
Gols: Gustavo Coutinho, aos 2/1T e aos 15/1T e Shaylon, aos 39/1T (A); Edinho, aos 9/1T

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