Tampa International Airport’s Holiday Bustle: Passengers Prepare for Christmas Vacations

Tampa International Airport’s Holiday Bustle: Passengers Prepare for Christmas Vacations

Tampa International Airport sees a spike in traffic on Saturday, one of the busiest travel days of the year, as families get ready for Christmas reunions around the country. As people set out on flights to be with loved ones, the holiday season adds an added layer of excitement, resulting in a lively scene at the busy airport.

Victor Hernandez, 13, who is traveling to Puerto Rico with his father, embodies the excitement of the holiday season by expressing his curiosity for the distinctive experiences that travel around Christmas brings. Hernandez sagely counsels fellow passengers to remain ready for any unforeseen obstacles that might come during the hectic holiday season, despite the excitement.

Similar to Thanksgiving weekend, Adam Bouchard of Tampa International Airport predicts a large influx of travelers. With peak days expecting up to 90,000 passengers (compared to an average of 60,000), the airport braces ready for a crowded season. Tihani Anderson, a guest experience employee, observes that this year is particularly busy because more families are choosing to travel for the holidays, especially in light of the epidemic.

Forecasts for the next few weekends indicate that TPA will be busier than usual, which is why airport officials advise arriving early (at least two hours prior to departure) and reserving parking in advance to make travel easier. Though the precise reason is yet unknown, Bouchard highlights how popular parking spots are, with over 20,000 available, and how quickly they fill up on Thanksgiving.

Bouchard notes that the weekend before New Year’s Day is another peak time, recognizing the cooperative efforts of airlines, the FAA, and federal partners to guarantee seamless operations.


Victor Hernandez advises kindness and tolerance in spite of the possible stress of holiday travel, understanding that the main goals of this time of year are spending time with loved ones and making enduring memories. In line with this perspective, Tihani Anderson advises travelers to bring patience for both themselves and other passengers, highlighting the common objective of arriving at destinations without incident.

In order to ensure a smoother voyage among the festive zeal, officials advise travelers to double-check flight statuses for possible delays or cancellations as the holiday rush develops.

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