Tragic Passing of Angus Cloud, Acclaimed Actor from HBO’s ‘Euphoria,’ at Age 25

Tragic Passing of Angus Cloud, Acclaimed Actor from HBO’s ‘Euphoria,’ at Age 25

According to a statement from his family released on Monday, Angus Cloud, a popular star of HBO’s “Euphoria” series, unfortunately lost unexpectedly at the age of 25.

Tragic Passing of Angus Cloud, Acclaimed Actor from HBO's 'Euphoria,' at Age 25
Tragic Passing of Angus Cloud, Acclaimed Actor from HBO’s ‘Euphoria,’ at Age 25

After coming back from Ireland, where he had recently laid his father to rest, Angus reportedly struggled with suicide thoughts.

He sought comfort with family during this trying time and quietly left at his family’s home in Oakland, California.

The family’s touching message expresses some solace in the knowledge that Angus is now with his late father, who he treasured as his closest friend. They also emphasize how honest he was about his struggle with mental illness in the hopes that others will be moved by his departure to realize they are not alone in their problems.

Actor Angus Cloud’s death has been confirmed by Oakland Fire Department, however the cause of death is yet unknown.

According to a representative for the Oakland Fire Department, first responders were sent to a location connected to actor Angus Cloud at around 11:30 a.m. Sadly, the Fire EMS team discovered that the actor had already passed away when they arrived. The reason of death is still unknown at this time.

As soon as it was revealed that Cloud had passed away, his dedicated followers swamped his Instagram comment section with heartfelt condolences. Numerous genuine condolences were expressed in one of his most recent posts, which appeared to be an homage to his late father.

Cloud rose to popularity and acclaim for his breakthrough performance as Fezco in the HBO teen drama “Euphoria.” He disclosed that a casting director found him on silence .

Angus Cloud revealed that he approached playing the part in “Euphoria” differently from other actors in a March interview with i-D magazine. While some were motivated by a strong desire for achievement and notoriety, Cloud regarded it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He had no idea that the job would propel him to this point in his professional life.

In a statement shared on its social media on Monday, HBO expressed its profound grief over the tragic news of Cloud’s demise. The network sent its sincere sympathies to his friends and family during this difficult time, describing him as an incredibly brilliant and beloved member of the “Euphoria” family.

With Ashtray, his young adoptive brother, Fezco had one of the series’ strongest ties as he assumed the role of the child’s caregiver.

Many have praised Cloud’s performance in the series’ season two conclusion during the gunfight with police where Ashtray died.

The actor who played Ashtray, Javon Walton, sent a tribute to Cloud on Instagram with the remark, “Rest easy brother.”

One of the most meaningful relationships in the series was Fezco’s relationship with Ashtray, his young adoptive brother, since Fezco gave the child’s care his all.

Viewers and journalists alike praised Angus Cloud for his work in the season two finale, especially during the tense shootout with the police that tragically ended with Ashtray’s death.

The actor who played Ashtray, Javon Walton, paid tribute to Angus Cloud on Instagram and bid him a fond farewell with the words, “Rest easy brother.” The message served as a heartfelt expression of their friendship and the positive influence Cloud had on everyone he worked with.

The relationship between Javon Walton’s Ashtray and Angus Cloud’s Fezco brought depth and emotional resonance.

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