Using TRICARE: An All-Inclusive Guide to US Family Health Plans and Other Resources

Using TRICARE: An All-Inclusive Guide to US Family Health Plans and Other Resources

US Family health plan

One well-known TRICARE Prime option that is committed to helping military and veteran families all throughout the country is the US Family Health Plan. This Department of Defense-funded plan offers full TRICARE benefits, including prescription drug coverage and hospital stays as well as other necessary services. Notably, it offers other benefits like chiropractic care and special savings on acupuncture and eyeglasses in addition to the essentials.

Run by six different nonprofit plans, each serving particular areas of the nation, enrollment is required for the US Family Health Plan. Only those who are considered qualifying military beneficiaries are eligible, so those who have served will receive targeted help.

For anyone looking for additional in-depth information about the US Family Health Plan, the official website is a great resource. To obtain thorough information and make well-informed decisions about healthcare options for military families, visit the plan’s website.


TRICARE is a vital healthcare program that provides coverage to around 9.6 million people worldwide. Active duty military personnel, members of the National Guard and Reserve, retirees, their families, survivors, and some individuals listed in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) are all included in this broad category. TRICARE is the worldwide healthcare program for uniformed services personnel. It covers active duty service members, their families, National Guard and Reserve troops, retiree families, survivors, and some former spouses.

TRICARE, which functions similarly to a single-payer healthcare system, is overseen by the Defense Health Agency of the Pentagon. This all-inclusive healthcare program guarantees coverage for all, including basic services like doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription drug supplies.

The US Family Health Plan is a TRICARE Prime option that is specifically designed for military and veteran families living in the United States. This plan, which is funded by the Department of Defense, offers the full range of TRICARE benefits, including prescription drugs, hospital stays, and doctor visits. In addition to the essentials, it includes extra services like chiropractic adjustments and special savings on acupuncture and eyeglasses.

Difference between TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Select

Within the TRICARE system, TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Select are separate healthcare alternatives.

The managed care concept used by TRICARE Prime is similar to that of a health maintenance organization program. When beneficiaries sign up for TRICARE Prime, they are paired with a primary care manager (PCM) who manages most of their medical requirements. In the event that specialized care is needed, the PCM will help arrange a referral to the right specialist.

On the other hand, TRICARE Select, a preferred provider alternative, uses a self-managed method. Under TRICARE Select, beneficiaries are not need to obtain a PCM referral in order to select any TRICARE-authorized physician. This includes having immediate access to experts for consultation.

TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Select differ in several important ways, including:

Cost: When compared to TRICARE Select, TRICARE Prime offers lower out-of-pocket costs. Annual enrollment fees are waived for beneficiaries participating in TRICARE Prime, and copayments are often less expensive than those for TRICARE Select.

Access to Care: In order to receive care under TRICARE Prime, beneficiaries must either receive it directly from their designated PCM or have a recommendation when visiting a specialist. TRICARE Select beneficiaries, on the other hand, are not required to obtain referrals and can see any TRICARE-authorized practitioner.

Flexibility: When it comes to selecting a healthcare provider, TRICARE Select provides more options than TRICARE Prime. Under TRICARE Select, beneficiaries have greater freedom in choosing their medical providers.

TRICARE for Life

For qualified military people and their families covered by TRICARE, TRICARE For Life (TFL) is an additional Medicare wraparound benefit. Regardless of age or place of residence, anyone with Medicare Parts A and B is eligible for this coverage. TFL serves as an extended health insurance plan that is designed to lessen the financial strain of medical bills that must be paid out of pocket. It’s crucial to remember that TFL coverage does not apply to family members, even though it is advantageous for qualified military people.

Enroll us family health plan

You have a few easy choices to start the US Family Health Plan enrollment process:

Contact via Phone: Call 800-585-5883, choose option 1, and enroll over the phone to speak with the US Family Health Plan Enrollment Department.

Online Enrollment: For a smooth online enrollment process, use the TRICARE Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE) website. Remember that the information you give in the form is not saved. To find a Primary Care Provider (PCP) in our network who is close to you, use just the US Family Health Plan online provider directory.

Get and Send: The enrollment form can be downloaded straight from the US Family Health Plan website, filled out, and mailed to US Family Health Plan, PO Box 495,Canton, MA 02021-0495.

Documents required to enroll in us family health plan

Make sure you have the following documents available before beginning the US Family Health Plan enrollment process:

Your sponsor’s Social Security number.
names of the selected primary care doctors from the provider network. Make sure they take new patients by getting in touch with the provider’s office directly.
Information on any health insurance plans you or your family are currently enrolled in.

change primary care manager us family health plan

The US Family Health Plan gives you the option to switch your Primary Care Manager (PCM) using any of the following methods:

Online: Use milConnect’s Beneficiary Web Enrollment to submit your PCM change request.

By phone: To seek a change in PCM, call your regional contractor or the US Family Health Plan provider.

By mail: Your TRICARE regional contractor should receive DD Form 2876.

Remember that it could take up to six days for your request to be confirmed and that it must follow the policies established by the military hospital or clinic in your area.

primary care manager us family health plan

As a healthcare clinician who manages an individual’s urgent, non-emergency, and routine treatment, a Primary treatment Manager (PCM) is essential.

Beneficiaries of TRICARE Prime are given a personal care manager (PCM) who oversees their treatment and might refer them to specialists as needed.

To guarantee comprehensive and coordinated healthcare, each beneficiary of the US Family Health Plan, a TRICARE Prime option for military and veteran families, is also assigned a PCM.

find PCM US Family Health Plan network

Use the Find a Doctor Tool on the US Family Health Plan’s official website to find a Primary Care Manager (PCM) in the plan’s network. The steps to using the tool efficiently are as follows:

Go to the webpage and select “Find a Doctor” from the menu on the right-hand side.

Type in your location, the city or town you wish to search in, or a Zip code.

Select a physician from the list of options on the dashboard, including physicians by specialization or by name.

Use Doctors by name if you are familiar with the provider’s name. The Primary Care Provider label with a stethoscope icon next to it in the search results indicates Primary Care Providers (PCPs).

Use Doctors by specialty if you don’t have a specific physician in mind. In order to obtain a list of network providers in the designated area, type “primary care” into the box.

Make use of the other options on the menu to the left, including location, languages spoken, gender, specialization, and whether the PCP is accepting new patients.

To find out if the PCM accepts new patients, get in touch with their clinic.

Make sure to get in touch with the PCM’s office as soon as you’ve located one to find out if they’re currently accepting new clients.

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