Venkatesh Prasad Criticizes Team Management as India’s Limited Overs Performance Falters Against West Indies.

Venkatesh Prasad Criticizes Team Management as India’s Limited Overs Performance Falters Against West Indies.

After India lost the five-match T20I series against the West Indies by a score of 2-3, Venkatesh Prasad harshly criticized the white-ball system in India. As a result of the setback, which was also Hardik Pandya’s first loss in a bilateral series as captain, Prasad labeled India as a substantially worse limited-overs team. West Indies, a team that had missed out on the T20 World Cup, triumphed, and India’s difficulties also included a series loss to Bangladesh in ODIs. Instead of using divisive language, Prasad wants the team to engage in some introspection. “India has shown mediocrity in limited overs for quite some time now,” said his tweet. The most recent loss to West Indies, who had difficulty qualifying for the T20 World Cup, and the loss in the ODI series against Bangladesh show this pattern. It’s important for them to think deeply rather than just say anything to pass. 

Venkatesh Prasad targeted the entire mindset and strategy of the Indian cricket team in addition to specific players and team administrators. He expressed disappointment that the team seemed ready to embrace mediocrity while having access to a wealth of resources, falling far short of the standards set by champion sides.

Venkatesh Prasad responded to a supporter who incorrectly stated that the West Indies were disqualified from the T20 World Cup last year and not the ODI World Cup this year. He continued by saying that he finds it painful to see India’s poor performance and propensity to ignore it. He went one step farther and charged that the Indian team lacked the necessary competitive fire.

Venkatesh Prasad later stated that West Indies had also struggled in the T20 World Cup qualification held in the preceding October-November season, indicating that the issue wasn’t limited to the 50-over format. He bemoaned how frequently India’s subpar achievements are minimized and disregarded under the guise of a process. He expressed dissatisfaction that the team’s drive and competitive spirit didn’t seem to be present and quipped that they might be deluding themselves about where they stand right now. It serves as a sobering reminder that much effort needs to be done to restore India’s cricket to its former competitive glory.

Venkatesh Prasad didn’t hold back when asked about his opinions of the Indian T20 skipper and management in the wake of the poor series against the West Indies. He pointed out the lack of a methodical approach, which was previously a defining characteristic of the squad under former captain MS Dhoni, and directly laid the blame for the mess on the captain and management.

Prasad expressed concern over the management’s erratic selection procedures and condemned its careless use of words like “process” without a sincere dedication to it. He highlighted that responsibility for the subpar performance must exist.

Prasad challenged Indian players to improve their skill sets, raise their hunger, and play with greater intensity in his final tweet. He brought up how the series’ captain, Hardik Pandya, frequently appeared to be lost for words. Prasad emphasized the value of having players with many skills who can contribute with both the bat and the ball. He also urged for a more practical method of squad selection that prioritizes the team’s general good rather than favoritism. He emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive strategy to restore India’s competitive edge in his statement.

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